Mariah the Scientist hits big in the video for her latest single, "Always n Forever."

Much like Lou William's trip to get some wings, what started off as a typical outing to Magic City takes a wild twist for Mariah and her friends. While stopping at the corner store to get pre-game snacks, Mariah decides to buy a scratch-off. This decision changes her life as this lucky ticket turned out to be a million-dollar winner.

Mariah then goes on a short quest to spend this influx of cash while the lyrics cleverly remind her muse that she won't let this money change her. 

"I know you've noticed I've changed," Mariah sings on the song's chorus. "But I'll be your woman always/Always and forever, Always."

Because it took some state-sanctioned gambling for Mariah to amass this cash, it's only right that a rapper with a known affinity for games of chance joins her on the record. In his verse, Lil Baby once again proves that nothing is out of his wheelhouse. Baby channels his inner-R&B to croon a feature that meshes perfectly with the song's direction. 

"Baby you should know that I'm fucking with you for you," he sings. "Bought the lamb truck cash and doubled back and bought the coup/It ain't nothing you can ask for that I see myself won't do ... You ain't tripping 'bout no bitches I run through and you always on your shit so I salute. ... Just stay the same don't get confused." 

Watch Mariah the Scientist's new video for "Always n Forever" (co-directed by Mariah the Scientist and Kid Studio) above.