Lil Baby has built a career off telling near-mythical stories of how he accumulated a lot of cash. Keeping with this theme, the rapper explained how he was able to flip $60 into $100,000 after being released from prison. And to give you a hint, it wasn't through stocks and bonds. 

Last week, a video started to circulate on the internet in which Lil Baby's sister recalled the time she saw him turn less than $100 into $100,000. In the video, she said that Baby asked his mom and his two sisters for $20 apiece. They felt compelled to give him the money because it was out of his character to ask them for cash. This sparked a week-long binge of street activity that resulted in a major profit.

"We went in his room just being nosey," his sister said. "Me and my sister counted $100,000 with our bare hands. He gonna come through all the time."

After the video went viral, Lil Baby stopped by the Hot Freestyle Instagram page to add context to the story.

"Majority came from a dice game," Lil Baby wrote. "probably put 60$ on 2k then I ain’t loose for a week straight"

Lil Baby hasn't been shy about his affinity for gambling. In fact, dice games have brought him a lot of good fortune—like his bubbling new artist, 42 Dugg.

"We used to shoot dice and s**t," Dugg told Billboard when explaining his relationship with Lil Baby prior to their partnership. "I called him one day and he was listening to one of my songs. They already knew that I rapped and they were rapping along. Then I came to Atlanta, and Baby asked me to play some of my music for him. It was really just turnt from there. This was 2018."

Lil Baby just released the deluxe version of his album My Turn, which you can check out here.