Mariah the Scientist has shared the official video for "Reminders," a song she wrote in five minutes in a dorm room back in 2017.

The song, taken from her RCA debut Master, is now counted as Mariah's favorite, with the video displaying a relationship that takes a murderous turn.

"[It's] something I envisioned creatively for more than a year," she said. "The lyric, 'I know you didn't mean it,' really signifies how someone can kill off their partner's security in a relationship, even if they didn't mean to. For me, the video shows the irony of a toxic relationship that looks great. Perfect on the surface, fucked up on the inside."

Master, executive produced by Tory Lanez, drops Aug. 23. Explaining the 10-track project's title, Mariah said it's a nod to past instances of letting emotions and relationships define who she is.

"The idea of love and who I was with—they've become my master of some sort, directly or indirectly, when I should've just been myself," she said. "Now that I can acknowledge that, I can be my own master."

Up top, catch the premiere of "Reminders." The video, shot in Camarillo, California, was directed by Lauren Sick.