Future continues to capitalize off the success of his latest album High Off Life by releasing a new video for the single, "Ridin Strikers."

For this visual, Future is surrounded by luxury whips to coincide with the theme of the song. The cars do burnouts and donuts while Future through the clouds of smoke. The video then transitions to a back story.

For this narrative, Future is riding in the backseat of a G-Wagon. He and an all-woman gang arrive at a convenience store that they end up robbing. Although Future is in on the plan, he never actually ventures into the store or touches the money. The song is transitioning through the beat change as the robbery is completed, creating another layer to the visual. 

"Ridin Strikers" was featured on Future's eighth studio album, High Off Life. This project was highlighted by appearances from Lil Uzi Vert, Meek Mill, Drake, Lil Baby, and more. "Ridin Strikers" follows the success of singles like "Tycoon" and the Drake-assisted "Life is Good." The commercial reception to these tracks boosted High Off Life to gold status in less than an hour after its release in May 2020. 

Watch Future's video for his latest single, "Ridin Strikers," above.