It has been a year since Dreamville and its associates formed like Voltron to release Revenge of the Dreamers IIITo create this Grammy-nominated album, J. Cole and Dreamville hosted massive sessions in Atlanta that featured appearances from a host of artists. For the project's one year anniversary, the label decided to show fans some previously unreleased footage. 

Dreamville's Ibrahim Hamad announced the release of this footage to his Twitter followers on Sunday. 

"One year ago today we released Revenge of the Dreamers III. Today in honor of that we put together some unreleased footage from those legendary sessions," he wrote. "Love to everyone who was apart of this album, and to the fans that always support @dreamville. Enjoy."

Ib went on to explain that the purpose of the sessions was to give young, bubbling artists a platform to showcase their talent as well as uplift them despite their label situation. 

"What we did with the sessions and this album will go live forever and I’m forever grateful to have been apart of that," he continued. "but my favorite thing was the ability to use our platform to shine a light on new super talented artist whether they were signed to Dreamville or not."

The 10-minute long video is highlighted by impromptu skits, the creation of songs that didn't make it on the album, and an in-the-moment freestyle from J. Cole. 

Watch the Revenge of the Dreamers III one year anniversary video above.