The Drake vocals are in, but they might turn out to be something fans aren't expecting. 

On Saturday, DJ Khaled took to Instagram where he revealed that he and The Boy have a big record coming soon.

"VOCLAS BEEN IN," Khaled captioned a video that appears to be a behind the scenes look at the single's cover art. "DEM boy ah make POP CHUNE WE ah make CHUNE ah go POP POP PON YOUR HEAD TOP." 

Khaled revealed in May that the first single from his upcoming album was already in the bag. He's also been teasing a new Drake collaboration for a while. During an appearance on Drink Champs, Khaled told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that his first single will feature those Drake vocals that he's been warning his fans about.

"Drake is definitely on DJ Khaled’s single," Khaled said. "And the vocals sound so incredible."

On Monday, Khaled confirmed "2 Keys, 2 Anthems" dropping on Friday. You heard that right: two songs featuring DJ Khaled and Drake are coming.

Drake and Khaled have been tapped in since before Khaled's rebirth as the "Father of Asahd." Not only were they both signed to Cash Money, but Drake helped turn out songs like "I'm On One," "For Free," "Fed Up," and more into classic records. As a result, Khaled feels like this reconnection with Drizzy is a full-circle moment. 

"That's my brother. That's like family to me," Khaled continued to Drink Champs. "Drake, he's always supported me. Think about the records we've made."