With the success of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland's Verzuz Instagram battle series, fans of musicians have been rallying behind who they'd like to see go head-to-head. Bow Wow is already a name that has come up a few times, with many suggesting a battle against Romeo. The rapper and actor has recently been getting requests to face Soulja Boy in a Verzuz battle, but he's made it clear he's not on board with the idea.

When a fan tweeted at Bow Wow on Monday, he immediately replied with his thoughts in all-caps. "NOT GONNA HAPPEN," he answered, later explaining that he just doesn't want to do it.

After shooting down a hypothetical faceoff against Soulja Boy, Bow Wow continued to respond to tweets asking for his reasoning and whether he was too "scared" to engage in Verzuz.

"No," he responded, "Rather be getting money than playing songs y'all heard a million times for an hour."

Clearly annoyed by the requests for him to do a Verzuz battle, he added, "I wish they would stop. Waste of time. I'm not doing Verzuz."

One fan suggested that "a lot of people need to be reminded" that Bow Wow is a "legend," which he didn't seem to agree with.

"I come from an era where... if you a legend... you a legend," he wrote. "No need to remind folks. I'm only 33 I got more work to do. A Verzuz for me right now makes no sense. ... I was just part of a good era and music. I wasn't THAT important. Lot of big acts were dominating the 2000's."

He did, however, say he would have been down for a battle against Fabolous, who ended up facing off with Jadakiss. "Is why I'm saying there's no one to battle. I'm not being cocky at all [I don't] want that taken out of context." Bow Wow concluded, "Soulja makes fun turnt music. I make r&b hip hop for the ladies. How is that a good match up? You gone crank that one minute then the next cry over an ex."

Back in April, fans of Bow Wow quickly shot down the suggestion that he should battle Romeo, with many asserting that the latter would fail to measure up.