Premiere: LR Groove And Razzler Man Reveal New Tribal Brothers EP Extract "Marching"

The 'Rebellion' EP drops this Friday, June 5.

Tribal Brothers

Image via Publicist

Tribal Brothers

Tribal Brothers — aka producers LR Groove and Razzler Man — back with an incendiary new release and appropriately enough they've called it Rebellion. Before the full EP drops this Friday, June 5, via the pair's Renk Groove Recordings, you can hear one of the the tracks, "Marching", below.

As their name suggests, "Marching" is built around a relentless surge of galloping drums and an unwavering 4x4 beat to set pace and guide it all forward. As with the rest of the EP, that drum-heavy approach forms the centrepiece with classic rave elements seamlessly woven in to create something heavier, funkier and more suited to the modern era.

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