Post Malone is expanding into new ventures with the launch of his new French rosé, Maison No. 9.

TMZ reports that the rapper’s new wine is already in high demand. Over two days, Malone sold 50,000 bottles—and that’s just during its pre-sale. The orders cleaned out the first round of his inventory. The sales platform selling Malone’s wine, Vivino, reportedly crashed on the first morning of the pre-sale because the site couldn’t manage all the orders.

The rosé sells for $21.99 a bottle and was named after Malone’s favorite tarot card, the Nine of Swords. It’s already getting rave reviews, with giving it a score of 90. While the wine is sold out now, it’ll be available online again on Monday in most states.

Malone revealed the impending release of Maison No. 9’s launch in May, as a collaborative project between himself, longtime manager Dre London, and friend James Morrissey. Last month, London told Forbes that Malone cultivated an “acquired, expensive wine taste” after becoming friends with Mark Wahlberg.

Malone’s new endeavor began in February 2019, after meeting with Morrissey, an entrepreneur for Global Brand Equities, who had just visited a small vineyard in France. “We had dinner that night in LA, and five days later, I met the guys in Dublin where they were doing a show,” Malone said. “Three days later, we were in the south of France tasting the liquid at the winery. That was 10 days after the first discussion. These guys don't wait around when they see an opportunity.”