Fans are ripping into a right-wing Instagram account for using a Playboi Carti album cover in an anti-protest post. 

On Friday, the @conservative.genius Instagram account shared a post that was meant to condemn the string of protests across the county. The post contains a collage of four pictures: three of these flicks are from protests, but the fourth picture is actually Playboi Carti's Die Lit album cover

"Horrifying. If their cause is worth hearing, why do they resort to this?" the post reads. 

Immediately, Carti fans started to recognize this was the rapper's 2018 album cover. They took to the post's comment section where they trolled the conservative page for missing the target. 

"THE DIE LIT ALBUM COVER 💀 dude calls himself a genius, yet cant differentiate a real picture from an album cover LMFAOOO delete ya entire account sir," one fan wrote. 

Another user stated: "This can’t be real there no way you used the die lit album cover."

George Floyd's murder has sparked protests across the county, including Carti's hometown of Atlanta. Carti hasn't shared his opinion on the situation, but artists like 2 Chainz, Killer Mike, T.I., and more have addressed the protests in their native city.