UPDATED 6/19, 4:10 p.m. ET: XXXTentacion's mother responded to the lawsuit via Instagram, Friday. 

In the statement, her attorney called the lawsuit "without merit," and said that Bernard has been "exceedingly generous" to Pack and his mother. In the caption to the post, Bernard wrote, "On the second anniversary of my son’s death, this what I have to wake up to...HERE WE GO AGAIN."

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XXXTentacion's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, is being sued by Jodi Kavney on behalf of her son (and X's half-brother) Corey Pack.

The root of the lawsuit, per court documents cited by TMZ on Friday, is an allegation from Kavney and Pack that X's mother "cut a deal" to ensure Pack was prevented from getting a piece of the late artist's trust.

The documents claim that X left behind "in excess of $50 million" in assets at the time of his death. This includes the aforementioned trust, which is said in the documents to have originally listed Pack as a beneficiary. The initial division, at least according to Kavney, was 50 percent to Bernard and an even split of the remaining 50 between Pack and X's brother Aiden Kerr.

Kavney and Pack allege that Bernard cut a deal with Jenesis Sanchez, who had a child with X. The resulting suit is for $11 million in damages, with TMZ adding that an attempt to triple that figure could be made if proof is discovered of intention on Bernard's part. Additionally, it's being claimed that Pack is owed some ownership rights in connection with Bad Vibe Entities, i.e. X's label.

News of the lawsuit, which broke Friday, arrives one day after the second anniversary of XXXTentacion's murder. On Thursday, Jenesis Sanchez marked the anniversary with an extended note thanking him for "all the memories, knowledge, and the best gift of all: this precious baby boy." She also urged anyone planning to attend tribute services to keep COVID-19 containment measures on their mind.