Lil Yachty joined the Everyday Struggle team to talk about why he regretted releasing Lil Boat 3 when he did, cancel culture, and a slew of other things in his return to the show for the first time in 3 years.

During their conversation, Yachty talked about how one of the few things he regrets is dropping his latest album, Lil Boat 3, right before protests began erupting across the country. While he knows he couldn't have foreseen that happening and isn't upset about it because he knows that there are bigger things happening than music, he talked about how hard he worked on it.

"I wasn't even upset, I really worked really hard on that project, like almost 2 years." Yachty said. He went to say that it was just frustrating to see people who might not have even listened to the project judge it off of its first week numbers.

Yachty also talked about cancel culture and how he thinks there are a lot of things he chooses not to say because of the current climate of music. They also talked about how canceling artists oftentimes doesn't even stick because the criteria of being "canceled" is always changing.

Later in their conversation, Yachty spoke about how a deluxe version of Lil Boat is eventually dropping with some visuals and a track with Lil Baby. He also speaks to his skills as a rapper and explains why he thinks people don’t respect his type of music. He then goes on to explain why he thinks he raps better than 96% of his peers.

"I said 'I respect OG's for sure,' like, I'm not even talking to them," he clarified. "But when I came into the game, that's my XXL and every magazine year after that, for a fact 96%."

As the interview continued Yachty also talked about how he took a step back from putting a lot of artists from his Quality Control label on Lil Boat 3 because everybody is just doing their own thing right now. He closed the interview by reminiscing on his first time meeting XXXTentacion and the conversations they used to have.

You can watch the full episode of Everyday Struggle with Lil Yachty up top.