50 Cent's never-ending beef with Ja Rule has entered a new chapter. 

On Monday, 50 Cent took to Instagram where he clowned Ja Rule for promoting a local Greek restaurant. 

"This what happens when you fuck with me," 50 said in the now-deleted post. "I'll have you and your whole label selling Gyro's go head try me!"

By now, it's known that 50 Cent can be very petty—especially when it comes to Ja Rule and Murder Inc. But in Fif's defense, a lot of fans also found Ja Rule's new commercial to be ridiculous. Like 50, they decided to take to social media to troll Ja Rule for his new business endorsement. 

Despite jokes, Ja Rule did this for a good cause. The coronavirus pandemic has had a harsh impact on local businesses. As a result, Ja Rule decided to put together this funny video to help out one of Los Angeles' staple places to eat. 

Yet, 50 didn't stop there. Along with the commercial, a video surfaced on the internet of Ja Rule performing a private event. Per TMZ, this party was secured through Rule's ICONN booking app. The fact that Ja Rule seemed to be performing for such a small crowd only became fuel for 50 to send shots at his rival. 

"If you don’t want to end up doing private birthday parties for 15 people... stay out of my way, OK," 50 Cent said in another deleted Instagram post.