It's good to know that Metro Boomin has a sense of humor. The Atlanta rapper/producer recently suffered from a case of mistaken identity after a video of a lookalike doing impressive gymnastics went viral on Twitter. Let the record show, Metro Boomin does not know how to do gymnastics, but in the video's defense, it does really look like him.

After the video made its rounds on Twitter, Metro playfully reacted to it by tweeting out that it wasn't him doing the acrobatics. 

This, of course, was only after fans got their jokes off about the mix-up already.

Metro Boomin usually isn't silent on Twitter anyway, starting a thread a month ago to voice his frustration about people criticizing the rich for not donating enough money during this global pandemic. "The same people complaining about $25 million donations won’t even donate a single canned good to their local food bank or shelter cause they too busy being fake woke on the internet," he tweeted in late March. "No contribution by anyone is greater or lesser right now because everything is needed for the same intent to save lives and preserve mankind."

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