The financial burden created by the coronavirus pandemic has lit a fire under people who feel like it's time to "eat the rich." Yet, to Metro Boomin, if someone isn't prepared to be a part of the solution then they shouldn't spew "fake woke" rhetoric on the internet. 

A lot of multi-millionaires and billionaires have decided to dig into their pockets and donate to coronavirus relief efforts. But when people hear about this, they decide to weigh the donations against the individual's network in an attempt to say that the person could have done more. 

This annoyed Metro Boomin. He took to Twitter this weekend to explain why he feels this behavior is detrimental. 

"The same people complaining about $25 million donations won’t even donate a single canned good to their local food bank or shelter cause they too busy being fake woke on the internet," Metro Boomin wrote. He also went on to state that these donations shouldn't be weighed on a scale. To him, anything that is given with the intent of saving lives is important.

"No contribution by anyone is greater or lesser right now because everything is needed for the same intent to save lives and preserve mankind," he continued. 

Metro's stance prompted people to claim that he's defending billionaires because he's also rich. 

The producer responded by explaining that he's far from being a billionaire, but he doesn't think people should be criticized for any donation they choose to make. 

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