Ludacris decided to explain what he meant by his eyebrow-raising R. Kelly lyric that played during last week's Verzuz battle.

As Nelly struggled through his WiFi issues during their battle, Ludacris decided to kill time by playing some of his unreleased music. In a song that addressed the current state of American culture, Luda had a questionable bar about R. Kelly.

"The world screwed if n*ggas pouring drinks like Bill Huxtable," Luda raps on the song that features Lil Wayne. "I love R. Kelly but around my daughters, I'm not comfortable."

Luda's perceived affinity for R. Kelly didn't sit well with fans.

In response to the outcry, the rapper recently detailed the meaning behind the lyric in a virtual interview with Atlanta's V103 radio station and Big Tigger.

“Sometimes when you speak on records, you speakin’ like it’s just me and you having a conversation,” Luda said. “But you just speaking and just being honest. I saw that a lot of people kind of misconstrued or just didn’t understand what I’m saying," Luda said before throwing the question to Tigger, asking him what he thought he meant by the lyrics. 

Tigger said that he feels Luda was saying that he respects R. Kelly's cultural contributions, but as a father of daughters, he thinks his personal decisions are unsettling. To this, Luda called Tigger is a "smart man" for realizing the "simple" meaning behind the lyrics.