Ever since he was released from his record label last year, former G.O.O.D. Music signee Desiigner has been relatively quiet on what actually went down. The "Panda" rapper has explained that he personally asked to be released from G.O.O.D., and on the latest episode of Everyday Struggle, he further opened up about why he wanted to be let go.

"I've definitely been in the studio, man," he said when asked by Akademiks where he's been. "I haven't been trying to follow too many waves, you know. I mean it's really sticking to my own path... Still, the situation I had to get out that G.O.O.D. Music shit, I just felt uncomfortable."

When pressed about why he left, Desiigner explained that he was "happy" at the label for a while, but the situation eventually soured. He said that he didn't get to talk to many people at the label as much as he wanted to, Kanye included, and he also grew frustrated by the comparisons to Future early in his career. 

"Then he wind up going the Christian route, and then the Trump route," he added, suggesting he's not a huge fan of 'Ye's new born again conservative Christian leanings. He wanted to get out of the deal so that he could "get comfortable," and "start shit from the ground up." Akademiks asked him whether there was creative differences between him and G.O.O.D. Music, but he didn't get too specific upon answering. "I just felt I had to do me, bro," he replied.

Additionally, prior to the release of the Wyoming albums in 2018, such as Kids See Ghosts and Daytona, Desiigner released his own record, L.O.D. on May 4. Although it had only seven tracks like the four other albums the label put out in May and June that year, Desiigner insisted that the decision came from himself and not Kanye. It was only in retrospect that it fit with the rest of the albums, with Desiigner implying that Ye might have gotten the idea from him.

Despite no longer being with the label, Desiigner did say that he and Pusha-T are still on good terms. 

Watch the full episode of Everyday Struggle above.