It's been nearly a year since DaBaby had his now-infamous fight with fellow North Carolina rapper, Cam Coldheart. But, it seems like Coldheart is back again for DaBaby and/or his associates to run another fade. 

On Saturday, Cam Coldheart took to Instagram where he challenged DaBaby and the entire South Coast Music Group (SCMG) label to fight him.

"A whole year later, I want to make this known – from then to now, anybody know me, I been on 10, that I will scrap any of these niggas," Coldheart said. "Cause none of y’all want to fight!"

In May 2019, Cam Coldheart and DaBaby ran into each other at a Louis Vuitton store. After a few face-to-face trolls from Cam provoked him, DaBaby ended up knocking Coldheart out. Both parties documented the altercation on their respective Instagram accounts.

Although DaBaby claims that he was "dolo" when he took off on Coldheart, Cam has maintained from the day the incident happened that it was DaBaby's security and not the rapper. Coldheart reiterated this in his latest Instagram post. 

"No guns, fight! Y’all niggas know y’all can’t beat me. That’s why you had to set me up, hire security, and put the monster behind you to jump on me," he continued before taking aim at the entire label. "None of these niggas can see me. I’m the real gorilla around this motherfucker. Here go my challenge on the line, nigga! Any of them niggas, fight me! ... Fight though! None of y’all bitch niggas come from that though, real silverback shit. You can record it, but you gone get your ass beat coming to fight me."

DaBaby and Cam Coldheart have had longstanding issues even before DaBaby's mainstream success. After their encounter at the mall, DaBaby decided to further humiliate Cam by reenacting the fight for his "Carpet Burn" music video. 

Neither DaBaby nor any other SCMG artists have responded to Cam Coldheart's challenge at press time.