On Wednesday we reported that 6ix9ine's ex-girlfriend Sarah Molina claimed 50 Cent taught the rapper how to hide his money from child support and other things he didn't want to pay for. Well, 50 confirmed that he did, in fact, teach 6ix9ine a thing or two about how to mask where all his money is.

The initial report came following Molina going on her Instagram Live claiming that the G-Unit rapper taught 6ix9ine how to "hide" his money and that his current girlfriend, Jade, should be wary of this in their relationship. 

"[6ix9ine] told me how he was going to hide money from you," she said during the rant that was directed toward Jade. "He told me he was going to hide his fucking money from child support and fucking charities cause 50 taught him. He was going to that extent. ... Just to not take care of your daughter."

50 took to Twitter on Thursday morning to confirm Molina's claim, making light of the situation. 

"Yeah she will never find it, and i’ll show them my Taxes right after Trump. LOL," he wrote in the tweet.

50 Cent and 6ix9ine have had a complicated relationship to say the least. 50 said at one point that he saw 6ix9ine as more of a son than his own biological son. 6ix9ine responded to reports that 50 wouldn't work with him during his home incarceration by saying, "Won't be the first time 50 abandons his son....... lemme just mind my business" in The Shade Room Instagram comments. The money-hiding situation adds to the laundry list of trolling that's already ensued between the two.