6ix9ine's ex-girlfriend, Sara Molina, claims the rapper's surrogate "father" taught him a thing or two before they cut ties. 

Molina to Instagram Live recently, where she alleged that 50 Cent taught 6ix9ine how to bury his money.

"[6ix9ine] told me how he was going to hide money from you," she said at the beginning of a rant aimed at 6ix9ine's current girlfriend, Jade. "He told me he was going to hide his fucking money from child support and fucking charities cause 50 taught him. He was going to that extent. ... just to not take care of your daughter."

50 Cent and 6ix9ine were close before the Brooklyn native decided to flip on the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. 50's choice to distance himself from the 6ix9ine didn't sit well with the rapper. After The Shade Room posted a video of 50 telling Big Boy that he would never work with 6ix9ine again, he made a comment referring to 50's tension with his biological son. 

"Won't be the first time 50 abandons his son," 6ix9ine wrote. "lemme just mind my business."

But, 50 did tell Big Boy that he understood why 6ix9ine worked with the police. He also said that the newer artists will "adjust to him" and be forced to work with 6ix9ine because he'll continue to have success. 

"It'll be more important to them to have a hit than to stand with that," 50 explained. 

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