One positive effect of COVID-19's societal push toward staying at home is that, for many, it's opened up large chunks of time for reading deep-dives like this new one centered on the Weeknd.

Speaking with Jem Aswad for Variety across two pieces published on Wednesday, the After Hours artist got decidedly reflective on recently turning 30 years old and how mining his past for creative energy is helping him realize who he wants to become. Abel also recalled a sweet birthday commemoration he got from fellow Canadian pop culture mainstay Jim Carrey, with whom he's recently become close, as well as let fans in on the inspiration specifics behind select tracks on his new album.

The full piece, boasting photography by Pari Dukovic, is definitely worth your time. Below, enjoy a breakdown of highlights from the interview, which thankfully also touches on Abel's social distancing coping methods.