With the arrival of DaBaby's new album, the North Carolina rapper has experimented with different takes on his direct style of rapping. Jokes about his flow and the similarity between his songs started to circulate on social media prior to the release of Blame It on Baby, and the new record appears to be a response to that very criticism. During an interview with the Breakfast Club, the rapper addressed the critique when asked by Charlamagne tha God how he feels about its validity.

"As far as switching the flow, I have no problem rapping circles around any one of these n***as," he replied. "I couldn't find myself entertaining that. I could joke about it just like I joke about everything else. ... I'll make a conscious album right now, I'll record the whole shit today. On some J. Cole vibes. Joyner Lucas. I can get in there too. At the end of the day, I understand what's going on. You gotta milk the game. You gotta take advantage of it. If I switch it too quick, you ain't gon' like it. You gon' be like 'Damn Baby, I wanted you to turn me up.' When you got something going, you would be a fool to step on your own toes and go left with it."

When DJ, producer, and engineer DJ K.i.D spoke with Complex about the process of working on Blame It on Baby, he also shot down critics using the "same flow" argument.

"I was on social media, and some people would say, 'Baby got the same type of flow,'" K.i.D said. "In the camp, we all know Baby don’t have the same type of flow. He was rapping the type of music we made on 'Sad Shit,' the melodic type of vibe, back before I even knew [him]. So it was like, yeah, I'm fixing to unleash and show y'all the type of music that I know I can make, that y'all ain't even heard yet. He pretty much had to dumb down his music so the world could catch on."

Watch DaBaby's full Breakfast Club interview above.