Last year, Tiffany Haddish fought back against Chingy's claims that they never slept together, and now the rapper has finally admitted it did happen. In an interview with Mike Hill for Fox Soul, Chingy broke down the situation and explained how he initially didn't remember anything happening because he was a heavy drinker around the time.

"I'ma keep it all the way authentic. But look so now I got to tell you what happened. I actually didn't remember," he explained. "I still don't remember it to this day. So I had to call my brother who I know, know everything. And so I asked him, because back then I used to drink and shit and I was like a bowling ball, I was knocking 'em down. I'm talking about knocking 'em down."

When he did contact his brother about the situation, he was informed that he and Haddish did, in fact, hook up. "So I call him and I'm like, 'Ay man...did that happen?!' He said, 'Yeah that happened, I was with her friend. You had her. One night everytbody was fucked up,'" he added. "'We was in my room, then you and her want to your room, then whoop de whoop.' So it is what it is. It happened."

Haddish and Chingy went back and forth on Instagram last year when he shared a since-deleted post in which he denied being involved with her.

"Really Chingy stop I hooked up with you once like two months after we met," she recalled. "Granted the sex was not good cus you was 'sleepy.' I was definitely in your bed at that hotel on San Vicente and Sunsent. Shit, you pulled down my Sergio Valentes."