"Never will I act or dress like a female," Waka captioned an Instagram post. "This flip the switch challenge making me realize a lot. Not for promo. Not for comedy and damn sure not for a fucking challenge. Where’s the be a real man challenge it’s like being feminine a wave please stay [WOKE]."

In the challenge, two people are standing in a mirror near a light switch. When Drake raps "I just hit the switch," the person recording on their phone turns off the lights. The lights come back on in rhythm with the song. Yet, the people have switched clothes and positions.

While there are no guidelines for who can participate, normally its a man and woman who end up switching clothes. The popularity of this challenge has led to celebrity couples like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to participate. 

After letting it be known that the Flockas will not be the next famous couple to enter the challenge, Waka's comments were flooded with people suggesting that he's promoting "toxic masculinity."

"I’m toxic because I love being a man," Waka replied to one of his followers before agreeing with a follower that a lot of "suspects" are coming out in defense of the challenge.