Following days of public discourse surrounding her ongoing 1501 contract dispute, Megan Thee Stallion dropped her new Suga EP to streaming services on Friday, claiming victory after it was previously reported that efforts were being made to halt its release.

Suga release day was marked by an appearance from Megan on The Breakfast Club, with the 26-minute interview turning to the topic of her label dispute around 15 minutes in.

"So, actually, I'm not trying to get released from my contract," Megan clarified. "I just wanted to renegotiate some things in my contract." Asked how that's going so far, Megan stressed that she couldn't reveal very much about that for legal reasons. She also broke down how her relationship with the 1501 team began.

"I'm not taking nothing away from [CEO Carl Crawford]," she said. "I'm not saying that he never gave me nothing. But then when things started really taking off, it would be me, my mom, and T Farris. "So when we would be on the road, that's the team. When things started picking up even more, I got signed with 300."

As it stands now, Megan said she "could not tell you what's the thought process" behind the label's recent moves. She also clarified Roc Nation's place in all of this.

"Roc Nation don't have nothing to do with the problems we was already going through," she said. "I don't like that people bring up JAY-Z. Like, JAY-Z's not worried about them. You're saying names [and] I feel like it's just trying to draw attention to the situation. Facts are public. I don't have to lie. Why would I lie? I feel like people wanna bully me. Like, you don't have to gang up on me. I didn't do nothing to y'all so I really don't understand where it's coming from."

As for J Prince, who addressed the label dispute earlier this week, Megan said she's never met him in person.

"That's something that I definitely can't talk about," she said of J Prince's assertion that she had lied about him in court documents. "I don't lie, though."

Elsewhere, Megan was asked if she and DaBaby had firm plans to release a full-length collab project together.

"I don't know if we are gonna do a full project but I know we definitely got some music that's gonna come up and some other things I don't wanna say yet," she said.

Watch the full interview up top. Suga is out now on all streaming services.