Drake and all of OVO recently received some great news. During an Instagram Live session with his father, Dennis Graham, Drizzy revealed that he did not contract the coronavirus.

"I had to take a test yesterday," Drake told his dad, who asked if it was for the coronavirus. "Yeah, I had to do a test, but it came back negative." 

The Nets revealed that their superstar, Kevin Durant, was one of the four players who tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday.

Drake and Durant spent some time hanging out in Los Angeles eight days before news of KD's illness. Their close contact led reports to surface on Tuesday claiming that Drake had self-quarantined himself in his Toronto home out of fear that he might have gotten the virus from the basketball star. 

"That test is uncomfortable, though," Drake said when explaining the testing process to his dad. "They put that q-tip all the way inside your thoughts and shit."

Even though he's corona-free, it's likely that Drake will still be tucked away at the Embassy. With the coronavirus taking hold in North America, countries are urging their citizens to social distance and limit movement to essential travel. On Wednesday, President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister James Trudeau have agreed to eliminate any non-essential travel between the two countries that isn't trade-related.