Blueface has never shied away from sharing his feelings about 6ix9ine, and in a new interview, he accused the rapper of ruining the internet. Speaking on Real 92.3 L.A.'s The Cruz Show, Blueface insisted that 6ix9ine has made it so that there's more trolls online than ever before.

"The internet is at an all-time low right now," he said on Thursday. "It's all about trolling and bots... You know who fucked up the internet? 6ix9ine. Fuck 6ix9ine." He added that he cannot "respect" 6ix9ine because he doesn't buy into his act. "His persona, his internet presence... He got real time. That fake shit got him real time." Blueface added that he doesn't "condone the tactic" of trolling so heavily online, but he said he'd respect 6ix9ine's behavior more if it was "real."

He continued, "I'm sure there's people that don't even give a fuck about what he did, I'm sure those people will still rock with him... If he wake up in the mirror and is content with looking at a snitch in the face, I don't lose no sleep." Blueface added that as a result of 6ix9ine's role in the Nine Trey Bloods trial, in which he testified against his former fellow gang members, it will be "a lot harder for him to operate." 

Elsewhere in the interview, th L.A. native spent time talking about how prepared he is for the rising coronavirus pandemic. This prompted questions about whether he was still "a fucker," referencing his infamous interview last year, in which he claimed he slept with over 1,000 women in six months. "Even if she got the coronavirus I'm still fuckin'," he explained with a grin on his face.

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