Music of  the "wack" variety will cease to exist at some point this year, at least according to Meek Mill.

Late Monday, Meek made his declaration for 2020, though he did not clarify exactly whose output he was referencing.

"This year wack music will perish," he told fans on Twitter.

Interestingly, Metro Boomin made similar comments earlier this month when he used a well-placed emoji to express his apparent unimpressedness with many fellow artists' recent work. "N****s either don't really care anymore or I'm just getting old," Metro said at the time.

Meek, meanwhile, is fresh off putting forward the theory that it's "not a coincidence" his name has been brought up with some frequency lately. "I been moving too right and certain people not feeling it because most of these guys can't get in the room!" he said earlier this month.

Also this month, Meek appeared in the first full-length trailer for Sony's Charm City Kings, directed by Angel Manuel Soto. The Sundance-premiered movie opens in select cities on April 10, followed by a wide release on April 17. Catch the trailer below.