Clearly feeling the love on Valentine's Day, Kodak Black attempted to win over Zendaya with a poem on Instagram. 

"Zoolin in a ice box frozen in time. But mentally you're my Valentine," he wrote in the poem, which he directly addressed to Zendaya in the description. "Hope I made you smile with this poem. I'm thinking bout you all the way home. P.S. Don't make me beat Spider-Man up." It's unclear if he's just having a little bit of fun, or if he's dead serious about his intentions to possibly beat up Tom Holland.

This isn't the only way Kodak Black has celebrated Valentine's, as he's also released a new track entitled "Because Of You." Similar to how he surprise-released his song "Zombie" on Halloween, the song is appropriately themed around the day it was released. Pining over a woman, who possibly isn't Zendaya, the song is the latest release from him as he's behind bars.

Kodak recently provided an update to let fans know how he's doing during his 46-month sentence in prison. The rapper was moved from a prison in Miami following complaints he was being mistreated by correctional officers, and he is now serving the remainder of his sentence at a prison in Kentucky. He is expected to be released sometime around August 2022.

Listen to "Because of You" above.