A preview of Usher performing “Confessions Part 3” had people believing he was singing about having herpes.

However, Jermaine Dupri has clarified that the song is actually being sung “from a females perspective,” he wrote on Twitter. He added, “The song is about a girl cheatin’ on him and gettin’ pregnant by another man. She is then being stuck with the decision to keep or abort it. Now that he knows, Should he stay or Leave ???”

Usher teased the unreleased record during a performance at Live from the Cricket Lounge. People later misinterpreted the lyrics.

“Remember that time I was sitting up sick, couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night? / You said bae let me take you to the ER, I said, ‘Nah, Imma be alright / Well the next day I found out from f*cking around that the sickness I had was life / And I was fixed with the decision to keep it, knowing I had to get rid of it, rid of it, live with it,” Usher sang.

In “Confessions Part 2,” Usher admitted to cheating on his girl and the other woman having his baby. It appears as if that story continues in the third installation, except we’re hearing the woman’s confession. Some fans believed he was addressing his 2017 controversy, when a woman accused Usher of giving her herpes. She ultimately dropped the charges and the two reached a settlement.

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