During a club performance in South Carolina, Blac Youngsta flashed his gun onstage after the audience got a little heated. In a video that surfaced online, Youngsta can be seen intimidating hostile individuals in the crowd in self-defense. It's not clear what lead to the incident, but the rapper was allegedly berated by members of the Charleston Crips, as HotNewHipHop pointed out via djvontv on Instagram.

Before he pulled out his gun, he attempted to calm down the crowd. "I don't know y'all bruh," he can heard in the video saying. "I don't have no problems with y'all, bruh. But we strapped, we with whatever y'all with, bruh ... We don't give no fuck, bruh. Let me do my show, I'ma come outside, we gon' deal with that. I'ma do my show, we gon' come out an deal with y'all."

As he's performing, the crowd continues to heckle the Memphis rapper, and then he's quietly handed a gun that appears to have an extended clip attached. Chaos ensues as people leave the venue while as several others throw items at Youngsta and his crew onstage. 

It's unclear what led to the altercation, but the show happened on Thursday. So far, Blac Youngsta has not commented on the incident.