6ix9ine is expected to be released from prison later this year, and he's allegedly already planning his exit strategy. TMZ reports that the controversial New York rapper is looking to up his security when he's a free man, and he's also looking into moving away from New York City due to safety concerns. 

Due to the conditions of his sentencing, which included five years of supervised release, if 6ix9ine is to move out of the city it will ultimately be up to the federal probation department. If his request is approved, it remains to be seen where he would relocate. The safety concerns relate to his cooperation with the authorities in the infamous Nine Trey Blood trial, during which 6ix9ine received a lot of criticism from the larger hip-hop community for snitching.

The rapper will still up his security team when he's released, and reportedly hopes to be accompanied by two or more bodyguards at once. Additionally, word has it he's asking for security who formerly worked in either law enforcement or the military and are licensed to carry firearms. A source close to the situation said Tekashi would like to move out of the state of New York with his family in hopes of living in a "Fort Knox-like security" home.

6ix9ine will allegedly be jumping in the studio as soon as he's released to fufill his $10 million record deal with 10K Projects as quickly as possible. He will not, however, be touring due to the aforementioned safety concerns.

While 6ix9ine will have the money to fund the level of security he's going to require, many security companies have already indicated it could be too big of a risk for them to take. "Protecting a client involved in a high-profile federal witness case is pretty unprecedented. This is going to be a case study for a witness to re-enter the entertainment world," Shadow Group Security CEO Shamir Bolivar told Complex last year.