The Game helped some young entrepreneurs avoid legal trouble.

The rapper saw a group of police officers speaking to some kids selling candy on Sunday. According to TMZ, a business in the area called the authorities on the children for soliciting near their establishment. This interaction prompted Game to step in and mediate the situation in hopes of teaching the kids a valuable lesson. 

"We got kids out here that's selling candy, you got the boys in blue that are trying to do their job, and you got me who's giving jewels to the youth," Game said when explaining the situation. "If you going to sell candy at night, there's a way to do it. We don't want you to get hit by the boys in blue. We want you to go home with your basket empty."

This is what the artist claims he was telling the children when cameras caught up with him. The Game also gave the kids money in exchange for soaking in his knowledge. Before he could go into further detail, Freddie Gibbs interrupted the interview. The Game seemed to tell Freddie how the police were "on him" for looking out for the kids and Gibbs wasn't surprised. 

"Aye, them n***as fuck with me every time I come out this motherfucker," Gibbs said back to Game.