Even if you weren't lucky enough to be living in Bristol during the trip-hop era of the '90s, that mercurial sound will still hold a special place in your heart, loaded with memories of a bygone time. The influence of the likes of Tricky and Massive Attack extends far beyond the era, stretching across the planet and still reverberating to this day.

That appears to ring very true for Sydney-born duo Two Another (Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter), whose latest single, "Another Night", taps straight into that dub-tinged, soulful sound. Gone are the funk edges of "Coming Alive" or the disco elements of "Keeping Me Under", and in their place are dubby atmospherics, moody strings and rap-inspired beats, all tied together behind the emotionally-charged vocals and shimmering melodies.

Speaking with Complex via email, Angus Campbell told us: "Working with Utters, we were able to bring the song to life, recording strings and making the sound a little darker to shine light on the vulnerability of the song by referencing '90s trip-hop artists like Portishead and Massive Attack."

Eliot Porter continues: "We have been on this journey for a few years and truly overwhelmed by the reaction to our music. We've enjoyed being able to make records with some of our favourite musicians around the world and release them independently. We reconnected in the studio earlier this year, drawing inspiration from both our lives. Sonically, the project represents a different direction for us — more emotive and raw than our previous work."