Uncle Murda recently dropped his song "Rap Up 2019," which saw him take shots at everyone from 6ix9ine to Kanye West. The 10-minute track opened with him throwing shade at K. Michelle, referencing an eyebrow-raising tweet in which she showed support for the controversial 6ix9ine. Michelle was less than enthused with what Murda had to say on the song, and she insists she's never even met him.

"He's never met me," Michelle said in an interview with Trick N' Trina's Morning Show. "Never met. Never been in the same room. Nothing. Some stuff's just not gangsta. I don't entertain it. It's like, he'll do it every year, whatever kick he gets off of it or whatever, but I know for a fact what it is. He never met me."

She continued, "Just pickin' on a black woman for no reason who you don't know anything about just so you can get clicks and you've said it before and then say, 'I'll sleep with her though.' Like, that type of thing, that's clown shit to me. " She added that men like Murda feel threatened by powerful women, and she's not going to let him get to her. "So Imma let you continue to be a clown and I'm just a woman out here making a lotta money."

Just before Michelle's interview went live, Murda stopped by Hot 97 to talk about all the shade he threw on "Rap Up 2019." He explained that his main reason for taking shots at Michelle came down to her support of 6ix9ine. "I thought that was kind of wack when I saw her do that this time around," he said. "She was just like, 'He didn't snitch on me, I'm happy he's comin' home,' stuff like that. It was kind of weak. I actually know people that's locked up over the corny shit Tekashi did. Me and her don't really like each other anyway. It's my fault. I'm not going to sit here and act like she did."

"K. Michelle can't keep a man 'cause her pussy stink," he started the song. "'Cause she put up a post cosignin' Tekashi Snitchin'/She thought he was comin' home, he got another year." The track also featured a number of homophobic lines in reference to Tank, Drake, Tyler, the Creator, and Lil Nas X.