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People have called out Dua Lipa for attending a Grammys after-party at a strip club.

The backlash stemmed from a video Lizzo shared on her Instagram Stories from the night, where Dua, Rosalía, and others can be seen throwing money as strippers dance in front of them, E! News reports.

One upset fan tweeted, “What a good example dua lipa, lizzo, rosalia sexualizing women but well afterwards they say they are feminists.” From there, the hashtag #dualipisoverparty started trending as more observers became outraged.

Another person on Twitter said the artists were “objectifying women” and told them to “do better.”

Some fans came to Dua’s defense, tweeting about how women not being allowed to go to the strip club is a double standard. They also pointed out the toxicity of cancel culture, and that “real” feminists “support sex workers.”

Others began pointing out that they couldn’t find any of the hashtagged #dualipaisoverparty tweets calling for the singer to be canceled—only fellow fans defending her.