UPDATED 1/28/20 4:20 p.m. ET: Following Dame Dash's comments, Steve Stoute stopped by The Breakfast Club to address the accusation he threw JAY-Z "under the bus." 

DJ Envy compared Dash to Stoute at the 19:00 point of the interview, which Stoute didn't appear to agree with. He did say there are "some" similarities between the two of them, but ultimately his "approach" and "style" is fundamentally different. Later on at the 20:00 point, Stoute directly responded to Dash's comments.

"I seen him at Kanye's thing, I told him, 'A lot of things you said were right but your delivery was off,'" he said after laughing at the idea he screwed over JAY. "The evolution of us as men, I would have probably never told him that at 34, but I probably didn't realize that at 35. [...] I have no problem with anybody, I'm on the other side of it now, I'm already Steve Stoute." 

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Dame Dash stopped by the Breakfast Club to speak some truths about the industry.

Dash is known for his antics, particularly his numerous feuds with people. During the conversation, he was asked about what forgiveness looks like for him, and if he has, in particular, spoken with Steve Stoute.

“I talked to Steve Stoute,” Dash said around the 20:50 mark. “He said, ‘You know all those times you were yelling at me about JAY? JAY was setting up those meetings.’ He just threw JAY under the bus, quick.”

Dash was then asked if he trusts what Stoute says because he could be saying something else to Hov. “I don’t care,” Dash responded. “Honestly, I’m not mad at anybody because they haven’t messed my life up. Again, if somebody does something that I don’t like where I think it’s foul or it’s against my principles and morals, I just don’t mess with him … I forgive everyone; I just don’t forget.”

Though there was no more context as to what meetings Stoute was referring to, it's known that Dash and Stoute have a contentious history. In 2014, Dame took to Instagram to comment on a situation between Stoute and 50 Cent, where Fif was upset because Stoute left the rapper off his influential hip-hop list. 

“He is one of the most dangerous people in our culture,” Dash wrote on the now-deleted IG post. “He makes artists from our culture make themselves corny by working for corporate [sic] so he can personally gain ... he's wack and he makes everyone around him look wack...beware.”

Dash and JAY also don’t have the best relationship. After the two co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records together, they had a falling out. Dash touched on it in December, telling radio host Big Boy, “We have fundamental differences. I'm about making other people famous and rich and equal, that's what I wanted with Roc-A-Fella. And he wanted to be the boss and have people work for him for 25 years straight, which is what happened. I actually feel sorry for my fallen angels, because I’ve taught people to share. [...] I make kings, I don't make slaves.”

Last year, Dash apologized to Stoute, Hov, and Lyor Cohen in an Instagram video. “I’m minding my business,” he said. “I have no beef with anybody. I’m looking past it.”