Kid Rock, he of up-jumping the boogie, has received some publicly shared advice from none other than Detroit's Royce da 5'9" following recent comments made about the closing of a certain restaurant.

"Please shut the fuck up," Royce advised via Twitter, "and get a publicist before you start a fire that can only be put out by the people who aren’t interested in your 'millions of dollars.'"

Royce was speaking out in response to a Local 4 WDIV report in which Rock, who drunkenly railed against Oprah and Joy Behar in Nashville last month, was quoted as saying, "I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough." That line was tucked into Rock's statement announcing that he was not going to renew his licensing agreement for his Made in Detroit restaurant next April.

In an extended version of that statement shared to his official Facebook page, Rock conceded to being "a loud mouth jerk at times" but took issue with assessments of his behavior as racist. In the same statement, he referred to Al Sharpton as a "tax-evading, race-baiting clown" and reaffirmed his support for the person currently occupying the White House.

Royce, meanwhile, is fresh off the release of his new song "Black Savage." The track was released as part of the NFL's Inspire Change: Songs of the Season series.

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