T.I. faced a lot of criticism after he claimed he had a gynecologist "check" his daughter's hymen, but Rah Digga is one of the few who've come to the rapper's defense. After it was reported that two New York politicians wanted to ban the controversial "virginity examinations" following the T.I. controversy, Rah chimed in on Twitter to say that she's on T.I.'s side.

"So on top of it being criminal for parents to discipline their chidlren they're trying to make it criminal to minitors their sex lives?" she asked Twitter, retweeting the news. "FOH!! I STAND WITH @TIP." She doubled down on her support in a series of tweets, even responding to those calling her out.

"What’s sick are the leaps and bounds society is taking to remove parental structuring and people justifying it," she continued. "Same society won’t have shit to say when that kid comes home pregnant and abortions are illegal.... So the day she turned 18 he went from being an overprotective Dad to pervert? Because any vaginas still in MY house that I gotta provide for are getting policed. Straight like that."

After responding to a few fans following her initial comment, she made it clear she was done talking about the situation. "Y'all can think I'm crazy," she tweeted. "I think y'all crazy. And this concludes this Sunday's edition of Walking the Dogs w/ Digga. Happy Sunday!! Next on the docket: 75,000 missing black women and girls in America."

As to be expected, she was immediately hit with criticism for her comments. Many were quick to highlight how controlling and invasive the procedure is, while others took issue with her bailing on the discussion with a last-minute mention of the increasing number of black women missing in America. 

See what everyone had to say about Rah Digga's support for T.I. above.