Hip-hop has expanded past uptown New York City to become a global art form that encompasses various cultures. Yet Offset wants those who consume and follow hip-hop to remember the people who started it. 

On Tuesday morning, the Migo took to Twitter where he reinforced the notion that rap is a genre dictated by black culture.

"Sorry but hip hop is black culture don’t speak or give game if u don’t have black culture duh," Offset wrote. 

This rubbed some of his followers the wrong way as they assumed that Offset was prohibiting other races from creating/commentating on rap music.

Because people started to view his tweet as divisive, Offset decided to clarify his comment. In another post, he explained that people who aren't connected with black culture can't "make rules on what goes in hip hop." He didn't apologize to those who took offense—instead, he explained that he's merely proud of the racial progression and impact his culture had made. 

"we the biggest genre in the world off our struggle and hustle yesssir proud of my people that’s all of u mad than sorry but no sorry took a lot for us to get here but we here!!!!" Offset tweeted before capping off his sentiments with a simple post that reads: "#BlackExcellence."