While fans wait for Eminem's response, the rapper's associates are throwing jabs at Nick Cannon. The latest to do so is fellow Detroit rapper and former Shady Records artist, Obie Trice

Trice dropped his diss track aimed at Nick Cannon on Tuesday. The record is named after former Wild'n Out cast member Carlos "Spanky" Hayes. Obie attacks the JAY-Z's "30 Something" instrumental which was produced by Eminem's mentor, Dr. Dre. For a little over a minute, Trice throws bars at Cannon and his cohorts. 

"I know everything you're tryna do/We been doing this since 20-zero-2/When we had to eat up Ja Rule," Obie raps before bringing Cannon's children into the beef. "Homie used to beat your bitch ovaries... Ask the twins how the homie's scrotum taste." 

As far as the rest of Cannon's team, Trice attempts to show that they're irrelevant and that Wild'n Out is a dated concept by paying respect to Spanky Hayes. 

"Y'all ain't ready for real/Detroit city bitch, you getting killed," Obie spits. "I used to watch Wild'n Out not giving a fuck/Spanky Hayes left we all said 'cut.'"

Obie follows the lead of other Shady/Aftermath associates who have jumped out the window on Cannon. 50 Cent is no stranger to beef. In fact, he seems to relish the concept. So it was no surprise that he fired off an Instagram post after Cannon released his first diss track, "The Invitation."

"I don’t understand to save my life why someone would pick a fight with EM," 50 captioned a picture of Eminem. "He is a different kinda animal, I haven’t seen a motherfucker come close to beating him man. hey Nick that shit was trash, I oughta kick you in yo ass when I see you PUNK!"