UPDATE 12/10/19: Per a new report from TMZ, Juice WRLD had allegedly been a target of federal authorities since at least November. That month, per the report, federal agents are said to have searched a plane Juice WRLD was boarding for Sydney, Australia. Though it's not known what—if anything—was discovered during that search, the plane was later allowed to leave the airport.

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Juice WRLD swallowed multiple Percocet pills during a police search of his private jet prior to his death, TMZ reports.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the pilot flying Juice WRLD's plane alerted authorities on the ground that the rapper and his team were traveling with guns. When they landed, FBI and FAA agents were waiting for Juice WRLD and went on to search the plane. This allegedly prompted Juice WRLD to swallow the Percocet pills in hopes to hide them from the police. Those close to the situation claim to have seen Juice take the pills and that they could have contributed to his possible overdose.

Sources tell the Chicago Tribune that Juice WRLD went into convulsions during the search and then cardiac arrest. The officers gave Juice Narcan when the convulsions started to counteract the Percocets. This brought him to consciousness but he was still incoherent. Police found 3 guns. All three weapons (two 9mm pistols and a .40 caliber pistol) were registered but they still led to the arrest of Juice WRLD's two bodyguards. Police also discovered 70 pounds of marijuana in the passengers' luggage and six bottles of codeine cough syrup. The guards, 36-year-old Christopher Long and 27-year-old Henry Dean, were charged with misdemeanors over the weapons. 

From the dispatch audio obtained by TMZ, the responding officers told dispatch workers that they needed an ambulance for the rapper multiple times. They even asked for when the vehicle would arrive on at the scene, but they were unable to get a specific estimate for the time of arrival. At this point, no cause of death has been confirmed. An autopsy was performed on Monday, but additional testing will be needed to solidify his cause of death. Paramedics reportedly spent close to 40 minutes trying to stabilize Juice WRLD. He was eventually transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:06 a.m