It appears Shiggy doesn't do free promos—not even for his friends. 

While backstage at a recent Fabolous concert, the comedian was called out after demanding compensation for an Instagram post that would promote Fabolous' music. An Instagram Live broadcast shows Casanova going in on Shiggy for refusing to do a favor for his friends, as it wasn't too long ago when he did the viral "In My Feelings" dance for Drake ... without any initial payment.

Shiggy suggested IG promos were a major source of income: "It's my job ... I gotta eat."

Casanova wasn't buying it. 

"You gettin' too corporate ... There's n***as like you that we let in our fuckin' sections all the time, we give you our liquor, and we let you have fun," Casanova said. "... You wanna do that with Drake? You was doing [the dance] without none of that."

Fabolous goes on to provide some backstory, claiming he had hit up Shiggy a while back asking him to do the #ChoosyChallenge in support of his "Choosy" single featuring Davido and Jeremih. The Summertime Shootout 3 rapper claimed he received a text message response from Shiggy, who allegedly said, "Yo, I need a check."

There's a lot of screaming and hollering throughout the video, but it seems that it ended on a friendly note, as Casanova is seen hugging Shiggy before the room clears out. You can check out the video above, as well as reactions to the situation below. Some fans echoed Casanova's argument, believing Shiggy should've done the promo as a favor for his homie; while that vast majority argued that Shiggy, as a content creator, had every right to ask for a check.

2019 hasn't been exactly smooth for Casanova or Fabolous, with each entertainer having to deal with unrelated assault charges. The former was sued over the summer for an assault on a woman back in 2018. The incident resulted in Casanova's arrest as well as a lawsuit, in which he was accused of ordering his team to take the woman's phone away because he believed she was recording him at a diner. The woman said his crew put her in a "strangulation grip," which fractured her jaw, broke her teeth, and busted her lip.

Fabolous accepted a plea deal earlier this year in a domestic assault case involving his long-term girlfriend, Emily B. The rapper, who was accused of punching Emily in the face and knocking her front teeth out, was arrested on third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree terroristic threat charges in 2018. Fabolous avoided jail time under his plea agreement, which required him to complete a pretrial intervention program and remain out of trouble for one year.