The Game also addressed the recent news that he lost an appeal in a case involving Priscilla Rainey, who claims he sexually assaulted her in 2015 by “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks” while she was a contestant on his VH1 reality show, She’s Got Game. An Illinois court previously ruled the rapper had to pay $7.13 million.

“It’s a lying bitch making up a story,” Game said. “That shit is fucking crazy ’cause I had a fucking dentist appointment, I missed court, and a judge would give a bitch a judgment for $7 million.” When Ak asked if Game’s royalties were being garnished, Game responded, “Oh, yeah? How I look? You should see how I came. We good. I ain’t giving that bitch nothing.”

He added: “It’d be different if I was one of those weird-ass niggas touching pussies in the club, but I was nowhere near this bitch.”