Following on from the buzz created by her Baia EP from earlier in the year, Angolan-Portuguese artist Pongo is back with another kuduro-infused anthem. "Quem Manda No Mic" continues in the same vein as the EP, making full use of the relentless drums that define the Angolan club sound and marrying them with Pongo's electrifying vocals. Equally, the video maintains that energy with more surreal video effects that suck you into a trance-like world of late '90s graphics and starkly contrasting colours.

"This song is part of my life. It talks about my story, how everything started in music, what effects the success of 'Wegue Wegue' had on me, all that I understood from this environment, all the good and the bad of this period that finally made me stronger, allowing me to continue my journey, that of a woman who has something to say. In answer to my question: Who has the microphone? The world answers: 'Pongo!'"