6ix9ine was able to get a pending case in Texas dismissed. 

According to TMZ, the state of Texas formally requested that the case against the rapper be dismissed completely. The judge obliged with this request and signed the papers to drop the charges on Monday. The charges stem from an altercation that took place at a mall where 6ix9ine allegedly choked Santiago Albarran because Albarran was recording him without permission. 

The case got dismissed for multiple reasons. First, Albarran asked both the judge and the prosecution to drop the charges. At that same hearing, Albarran and 6ix9ine posed for a picture showing that no love was lost. The other reason is related to 6ix9ine's current legal situation. 

As known, 6ix9ine is openly cooperating with federal authorities. He's testified against other members of the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods as well as detailed his hand in certain crimes. In order for Texas to proceed with its charges against 6ix9ine, he'd have to be transferred to the state. Now that he's been labeled a "snitch," moving him to another facility is deemed a "security risk." 

6ix9ine is still awaiting sentencing for his federal racketeering charges. But, several of his co-defendants have already received their fate. Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones will serve 135 months, Kifano "Shotti" Jordan got 180 months, while Aaron "Bat" Young is hoping to get his 240 months sentence reduced