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Offset performed at the latest installment of Billboard's Hip-Hop Live live concert series, and he brought out two very special guests for his fans.

When it came to performing his Father of 4 standout "Clout," the Migos rapper was joined onstage by his wife Cardi B and their daughter Kulture. In a relaxed outfit, Cardi walked on and effortlessly rapped her contribution to the track while carrying Kulture. "That's my wife, it's the best thing in the world," Offset said. "That's the best."

Offset also talked with Billboard about the status of the next Migos album, Culture III. "We're whipping that thing up now," he said. "It's the focus for the group. It's been almost two years since Culture II, so we gotta give it to y'all. We're going number one, we ain't coming to play. It doesn't make sense for us to stay to ourselves. Everything is always bigger with the boys when it comes to the music."

As for the rumored Migos film, Offset confirmed that it is happening. "It's a little sugar. You know, drop in the water to make things a little sweeter," he teased. "We're coming up with different things, and content is the number one thing in the world. We gotta keep having content to provide to the fans or you lose them."

As for Kulture, Cardi recently posted a video of their 15-month-old daughter dancing to her music on Instagram.