Jim Jones recently found himself embroiled in the ongoing Nine Trey Blood court case when 6ix9ine mentioned him during his testimony. Jones was later identified as one of the voices on a phone call with alleged Nine Trey godfather Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones," which brought further attention his way.

Shortly after, 50 Cent took to IG to comment on Jones being mentioned. "Jimmy finna do the race, they got his name all in that shit," he wrote in a tweet that's since been deleted. 50 also shared a post saying that Jones is a federal informant. 

Jones has since wisely stayed tight-lipped about the situation, but offered his thoughts on it all in a new interview with Angie Martinez.

"For the most part...you never know that you're in the circus until you figure out you was looking at a clown," Jones explained at the 4:00 mark of the interview. "When the clown gives out information, everybody laughs. But for the most part, everyone knows I'm a substantial individual—I've been doing this for a very long time.

"People don't read the facts, they read the Gram. It's a big difference, and people use the media to do what they do. They blow everything up out of proportion. As far as my feelings.... Of course it took me somewhere else at the moment when I saw it, but then I calmed down, sat back, laughed at it, looked at the person who was dishing it, and thought about it." 

Jones made sure to reiterate that he doesn't want to get into specifics, once again saying "no comment." 

"I do say one thing: Where I'm from, real n***as don't do bullshit to tarnish people's name—at all," he said. "That's not honorable. We don't got to talk about that too much. If you know me, you know me."

Jones recently spoke on 50 and his problems with the rapper. "I wish I could I be in a position to say what I really want to say but unfortunately, my life has been hectic," Jones said while on The Breakfast Club. "But where I am from, I do know people that we call real n***as or stand up men, we don’t try to tarnish people’s names by doing bullshit antics. It’s consequences and repercussions for certain things like that… I’ll leave it like that… Some people think life is a game, so we’ll leave it at that."