50 Cent and Jim Jones have been at each other's throats for quite a while now, but it heated up again after 6ix9ine name dropped Jones during his testimony. "Jimmy finna do the race, they got his name all in that shit," Fif wrote in a since deleted tweet. He later laughed at how 6ix9ine called Jones a "retired rapper," and 50 has also since accused the Dipset rapper of being a snitch. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Jones was asked whether the beef was real or just them joking around.

"I wish I could I be in a position to say what I really want to say but unfortunately, my life has been hectic," Jones responded at the 16:45 point of the interview when asked about the tension between him and 50 Cent. "But where I am from, I do know people that we call real n***as or stand up men, we don’t try to tarnish people’s names by doing bullshit antics. It’s consequences and repercussions for certain things like that… I’ll leave it like that… Some people think life is a game, so we’ll leave it at that." 

Considering that his name was involved during 6ix9ine's Nine Trey Bloods testimony, it would make sense that Jim Jones would want to keep inflammatory comments to a minimum. he also wisely refused to answer any questions related to 6ix9ine. "I have no comment on none of that," he said three times in response.

Watch the full interview above.