Gucci Mane caused a stir when he last showed up on The Breakfast Club in 2016. During his appearance, he claimed host Angela Yee was "on my dick back in the day," and the Atlanta rapper hasn't stopped by the radio show ever since. Recently he took a shot at Yee again and made the claim that he was banned from The Breakfast Club, but Yee and fellow host DJ Envy have both disputed this.

In the latest episode of Everyday Struggle, Gucci set the record straight and explained that while he wasn't officially banned, they haven't allowed him back on since then.

"I don’t think I was actually banned. I think they never used the word banned," Gucci admitted at the 0:45 mark of the episode. "I think they just declining to interview. Every time I would drop an album, they would say, ‘We decline to interview. We decline to record.’ However the label reach out, they would always decline it. It happened so many times it was like, ‘Am I banned from up there?’ It was like, ‘Basically.’ Every time we say, ‘Hey, Gucci want to come up here, its an album coming out.’ They always decline. It’s cause they say they don’t feel comfortable, they don’t trust me. Well, that’s what she said." 

Asked if him and Yee have had a personal conversation about the incident since, Gucci replied, "She's just a hater, man, it's blown out of proportion." He also defended himself and said he's a "happily married man," and that he actually understands why Yee feels the way she does. "She's just embarrassed, nobody wants to be humiliated so I understand," he added.

Later on in the episode, Guwop addressed when he said he wanted to sign Gunna to his record label, 1017 Records. "Well, personally, I think Gunna is dope, and I wanted to sign Gunna. But I knew he would sign to [Young] Thug and I had spoke to Thug about that," he explained at 16:30. "And we were talking about it. So maybe I jumped out too much and he felt like I disrespected him. He said something back to me, ‘Don’t forget what I did for you when I got out.’ So I left it alone that day. I see it kind of offended Thug, that’s my partner."

Gucci made it clear that he didn't want to offend Thug at all, and so he backed down after he took issue with it. He insists, however, that he merely wanted to be involved with the career of someone he enjoys as much as Gunna.

He went on to break down what happened when he tried to link Thug back up with Rich Homie Quan, which is something he regrets. “Man, I think Rich Homie Quan and Thug dope man. I always liked Rich Homie Quan and I always liked Thug," he continued. "I feel like together, they make great music. That’s just saying me and one of my foes, y’all need to get back together and do more songs together and we’ve done and fell out. That’s kind of disrespectful. I don’t even know how the situation played out, I should’ve stayed out of it."

Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug have been beefing since 2018, and earlier this year Thugger once again confirmed there's zero chance of them working together again.

Watch the full episode above, which also touches on the top 50 Atlanta rappers list, Bruno Mars, and more.